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Small machines for great work

The landscaping season has begun. Get the job done efficiently with Cat® mini ecxavators! Now it is time to act and secure yourself a new Cat® Mini Excavator for the summer and start the season with a brand new Cat® to be more efficient on the job site! Choose the most suitable Cat® Mini Excavator from a selection of over 20 models. 

The new Cat 308 CR 

The new Cat 308 CR offers maximum power and performance in a small size. The compact size allow you to work in tight and difficult conditions without compromising on efficiency or best performance. The Cat 308 CR offers 10% lower total cost of ownership, better fuel efficiency and longer service intervals. EPP-warranty for 24 months on top of the deal!

  • High lifting and digging power
  • Low operating costs 
  • Easy to use and optimize for different needs
  • Operating weight 8025 kg
  • Engine CAT C3.3B Stage V, 51.8 kW


Fall in love with the new upgraded equipment

Ready for action, no matter what surface and no matter how tight the working space is. The new generation of Cat mini excavators offers industry-first features; with stick steer control, an intuitive user interface, air conditioning in 1-2 tonne machines (optional), and cruise control, plus outstanding performance figures and reduced maintenance costs through innovative use of identical parts.


The Cat mini excavator product range consists of over 20 models. We picked the hottest here for you.

Have a look at the whole model range here

Cat 302.7

Engine Power17.6 kW
Operating Weight3040 kg
Dig Depth2710 mm
EngineC1.1 Turbo

Cat 305

Engine Power33.6 kW
Operating Weight5754 kg
Dig Depth3670 mm
EngineC1.7 Turbo

Cat 308 CR

Engine Power51.8 kW
Operating Weight9105 kg
Dig Depth4643 mm
EngineCat C3.3B

Cat 310

Engine Power51.8 kW
Operating Weight10182 kg
Dig Depth5211 mm
EngineCat C3.3B

Extended warranty 24 months

All our compact Cat-equipment have extended warranty from 12 months to 24 months as standard scope of delivery. Comprehensive EPP options protect your investment and your peace of mind.

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