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Avesco Cat Roadshow 2020

Avesco on tour with the new Cats

In October-November, Avesco Oy made a demo tour with its new short-excavated Cat excavators in a total of 11 locations throughout Finland. The main stars of the roadshow were the new generation Cat 306, 315 and 325 excavators, which customers were able to test.

Despite the Finnish November weather conditions, the tour was a success and the new machine models aroused great interest. The Avesco Cat team would like to thank all the visitors who came. We thank you for the good discussions as well as the test drivers of the machines that challenged the new Cats. We received great feedback and lots of new ideas to develop our collaboration. It's good to continue with this!

Kiertueen tähdet Cat 306, 315 ja 325

Caterpillar on uudistanut mallistonsa pienistä minikaivukoneista aina raskaan painoluokan kaivukoneisiin. Monia hienoja teknisiä ominaisuuksia on saatu mukaan ja monet ovat sellaisia, joita muilta ei löydy. Tehdasvarustelun taso on korkea, kuten esimerkiksi 360 kamera sekä 2D mittalaitteet. 

Lue lisää Cat 306 Lue lisää Cat 315 Lue lisää Cat 325



Cat 325 tested by Konepörssi

Customer Statements

Cat 315 and 325


“Really stable machine for compact radius”

“Really spacious and bright cab”

"Very handy machine"

“Fast and accurate hydraulics”

“Versatile equipment as standard”

“Interesting assistance systems”

“The controls are easily adjustable and the seat adjustments are enough for even a big guy”

Cat 306 CR

"Fast and powerful"

“Comfortably large cab and good visibility”

"Good dimension"

“Easy to adjust and the adjustments really affect the machine”

"Precisely controlled"

"Convenient service points at the ground level"


Tour Offers

Take advantage of our tour offers now! Offers are still valid until 31.12.2020.

  • Extended EPP extended warranty for a batch of Cat 315 and Cat 325 excavators 36 months or 4000 hours free of charge
  • Extended EPP extended warranty for all Cat mini excavators 24 months free of charge plus 0% Financing offer
  • Cat oil and battery offers

Download tour brochure (Finnish only)