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Our Values


We serve our customers and learn from them. Customer service is at the centre of our activities. We are convinced that shaping the future successfully is only possible with our full commitment and consistent customer orientation.


The Avesco Smile

Our trademark is friendliness. We provide our services to our customers, employees and partners in a friendly manner –  both in person at reception and on the telephone, when an order is received, when a complaint is processed and settled, i.e. without restriction from A to Z in the provision of all our services. We greet each other and our customers in a determined way, with a smile and eye contact even when passing by. Even in critical situations we always remain friendly. We solve problems in a pleasant atmosphere, but with determination and commitment.


Respectful treatment – Tolerance –  Loyalty

Respectful interaction with each other, with customers and with our partners is the basis for successful cooperation. Tolerance. Everyone in our environment deserves to be treated with respect. Even criticism is respectful.


Safe & Fit – Think along

Safety at work is a central concern to which we attach great importance. Each individual can contribute to this by complying with the safety guidelines (safety glasses, hearing protection, shoes, etc.), by being attentive and by keeping a safety perspective during all activities.


Discipline as culture

We want discipline in thinking and acting. Consistency and discipline promote entrepreneurial thinking and action. The struggle for the smallest detail: Disciplined, rigorous, persistent, determined, conscientious, precise, demanding, systematic, methodical, consistent, focused, responsible.


Impossible is nothing

It is clear that not everything is always possible. There are sometimes customer wishes which cannot be fulfilled. But the limit must be set high. If something is technically or legally no longer justifiable or if safety is endangered, we must refuse. However, this rejection will always take place after discussing it thoroughly with the supervisor and customer. 



How fast is the spare part delivered to the customer? How fast is the service technician at the machine? How quickly do we find and solve a problem? How fast is the offer to the customer? How quickly is a complaint handled? How soon do we pick up the phone, etc...? Speed is one of the most important success factors in today's market environment.



We can't miss a thing. If a customer is standing around, we speak to him and offer him help. Listen carefully and do not interrupt. Customers often tell us between the lines what they actually want.



We speak openly with each other. We deal with information in an open and responsible manner. We listen carefully and share information actively.



We encourage employees to act on their own responsibility. We demand a high degree of self-criticism at all levels. Conflicts are dealt with openly.



We set high standards for the quality of our products and services.


We want an environment in which ideas and progress thrive. We encourage the creativity of our employees.



Profit is the driving force of the company.