You can now maintain your construction machinery yourself and it's easier than ever before - with EASYPARTS, the new customer service product from Avesco. Streamline your processes related to the maintenance of construction machinery and let Avesco do all the administration for you.  Automatic e-mail notification before the maintenance appointment and order a complete service package with all required parts and step-by-step instructions at the click of a mouse.

No time to perform the service yourself? No problem. Request online our Avesco service technician.

 Our Services

  • Supply of all spare parts for service
  • Complete monitoring of service intervals
  • Automated information
  • Service by Avesco on request



  • 9 % additional discount compared to ordering by phone
  • Minimized ordering effort
  • Stock minimization of service material
  • Free delivery, just in time
  • Full flexibility, service execution by the customer


The due date of the maintenance is determined based on the data transmitted by your construction machine transmits.

Avesco will automatically send you a reminder email approximately 21 days before the due date. Select the desired action: Order service package, Change delivery change delivery address, service by an Avesco service technician.

You will receive the service package with all parts necessary for maintenance as well as step-by-step working instructions free of shipping costs.

You perform the maintenance on your machine or, if you wish, have it done by an Avesco service technician. Do-it-yourself maintenance.