With us, the chassis revision already begins in the field - with a professional measurement of wear. This makes it possible to select the optimal timing of the chassis revision and to maximize the lifetime of the overall system. 

When it comes to the revision, our top-equipped workshop offers many options:

  • Whole chain groups in stock
  • chain extensions
  • Turn rifles
  • Umplatten
  • Idler replacement program for track loaders

Aftersales Service

VantaaJanne Palkki+358 20 111 5715janne.palkki@avesco-cat.fi
TampereAri Valonen+358 20 1115734ari.valonen@avesco-cat.fi
TurkuSami Tuominen+358 20 111 5742sami.tuominen@avesco-cat.fi
KuopioMikko Ritanen+358 20 111 5774mikko.ritanen@avesco-cat.fi
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