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Survelliance and full monitoring helps you take the guesswork out of equipment management. When you know where your machine is, what it is doing and how it is performing, you can maximize your efficiency and lower your operating costs. VisionLink helps you get that information to the right people — at the right time — to improve your bottom line results.

Just a few clicks in the web-based VisionLink interface enable you to find, track and manage all of your equipment using data provided by ProductLinkTM hardware, that's installed in your Cat® equipment. VisionLink gives you easy, intuitive access to comprehensive information about your equipment’s performance and condition — without data overload. With different subscription level options, your Cat® dealer Avesco can help configure exactly what you need to optimize your fleet and drive additional profit.


VisionLink application offers an option for satellite or cellular network coverage based on your regional requirements. It allows you to see data from all of your assets and has mixed fleet capabilities, so you can monitor regardless of make and model. Thanks to the VisionLink API service, this data can be seamlessly integrated into other business software—allowing you to gather the information once and use it in different applications.

  • Use groups and projects to filter & sort by data needed
  • Automate and share reports with team members
  • Utilize Automatic Programming Interface (API) solutions to manage full fleet
  • Full functionality across all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Customizable dashboards provide information such as hours, miles, location with mapping, idle time, asset status, asset operation and fuel utilization
  • Use customized settings to help support your own business objectives.
  • Utilization view gives an overview of how efficiently assets and fuel are used in a specific date range.
  • Operations view provides historical running hours for a group of assets - used to identify excessive idling, long periods of inactivity, and unauthorized usage


  • Get a consolidated view of productivity information by combining utilization, payload, load and cycle monitoring data into a single application
  • Find specific equipment quickly with the powerful mapping tool
  • Choose data reporting frequency (telematics subscription level)
  • Monitor idle time vs operating time, including engine start/stop events.
  • Determine how efficiently assets are being used to another to identify the top performers, worst performers, and anything in between.
  • Graphical analysis to historical work data helps identify


Receive alerts when assets require immediate service and prioritize service needs using severity indicators. Use VisionLink to plan service intervals and order parts.

  • Health view provides a summary view of the entire fleet and is divided into three sections - fault codes, fluid analysis, and inspections
  • Plan and track maintenance – start with built-in Caterpillar recommended service intervals and customize to match your needs
  • See which services have been performed and what is due in order to avoid overdue or missed service and maintenance
  • Click directly through to Parts.Cat.Com to make service and maintenance even easier with 24/7 parts ordering capabilities
  • Create user accounts, assign permissions to applications based on user roles, set preferences, and edit/delete existing user accounts
  • Online help portal with 24/7 access to videos and instructions


  • Get real-time alerts, including notification on service due, movement into or out of a site boundary and asset operation during specified times
  • Configure alerts to be sent via SMS text or email to those who need to know
  • See all of your specified alerts on one screen and prioritize the information that matters to you most
  • Pinpoint alert locations and identify potential site issues with GPS tags


By downloading the brochure from the link, you will find more information about the benefits of VisionLink and what kind of dashboards you can monitor through it.


VisionLink is available with two service packages

VisionLink ConnectPro 0 € / month

VisionLink ConnectPro provides a daily machine data report for managing your equipment.


  • Reporting once per day
  • Basic operationsl information: hours, location, fuel level and fault codes
  • Create your own reports
  • Customized maintenance plans

VisionLink Performance 24,90 € / month per machine*

VisionLink Performance provides hourly reporting for managing your equipment.


  • Keep track on your machine operating hours, location and fuel consumption on a hourly basis
  • Create your own reports with in-depth operational information
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Engine on/off alerts available
  • Hourly updates on daily total asset cycles and payloads moved
  • Geofence notifications

We offer a free VisionLink Performance 3 months subscription for new machines.

*One-year fixed-term contract, billing once a year. VAT 0%. Avesco Oy reserves the right to change prices.


For new Cat equipment, simply contact Avesco to activate telematics hardware built in your machine and create you an user account. 

Choose between options based on how much information you is right for you and how often you want to receive it: daily with VisionLink Daily or hourly with VisionLink Essential.