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OAK extended the machine's life with a rebuild


Avesco Cat Finland offers Cat® Certified Rebuild overhaul for Caterpillar machines at a certain stage of the life cycle, providing a new life for older equipment at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. The rebuilds are carried out meticulously in clean spaces, involving a thorough inspection and replacement of machine parts as needed. This preventive maintenance is a cost-effective way to improve efficiency and can save money and time compared to unexpected breakdowns.

Rebuild is an affordable means to enhance machine performance, with Avesco stating potential savings of 35-75% compared to purchasing a new machine. The rebuild process is swift, and customers receive comprehensive additional coverage of up to 48 months or 10,000 hours. There are various levels of rebuilds covering for example the engine, drivetrain, and the entire machine. Component refurbishments are also performed as required.

Oulun Autokuljetus Oy shares positive experiences with Cat® Certified Rebuild, stating it gave a new life to an old machine, improving its performance. The rebuild machine proves to be a significantly more economical option than acquiring a new one, and the intention is to extend its operational life for several years. The machine operator notes a clear improvement in the refurbished machine's performance, describing it as feeling completely new.