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Cat 140 ja Cat 120M Motor Graders to Asfalttikallio Oy

Asfalltikallio Oy acquired two Cat motor graders from Avesco Oy last year, one new Cat 140 and one used Cat 120M. Caterpillar manufactures eight different motor grader models, of which the 140 AWD is the most usable size range for asphalt pavers, street construction and maintenance. In other words, for jobs that require efficiency but also agility. The largest models in the Caterpillar range, weighing 34 and up to 73 tons, are used in the mining industry. The newest Asfalttikallio Oy's Cat 140 was leveling the foundations of Avesco's new premises in Kerava in the autumn. 

Cat 140 tiehöylä Asfaltti Oy:n käytössä