After signing the EasyService contract, we will take care of the professional maintenance of your equipment. We will ensure that all the work you need is done quickly and smoothly, at the time and place you choose. You get all this for a set price, no extra charges!


Best Cat -quality

  • Services are carried out with original Cat spare parts and oils
  • Caterpillar® -trained Avesco Service Technicians
  • The fixed price includes replacement parts, oil change and recovery and mechanics work. Travel costs are not included.
  • Material supply and disposal by Avesco


Choose where

  • Service can be done directly on the construction site or at a Avesco workshop
  • Well equipped Avesco service vehicles are at your disposal in the whole country
  • In compliance with all safety and environmental requirements, we carry out maintenance and repair work on any construction site, field or other location


Easy Service

  • More cost effective than individually booked services
  • Comprehensive cost control over the entire lifetime 
  • Higher residual value of your equipment as service is performed by an authorized Cat® dealer
  • Regular maintenance will reduce downtime
  • Minimisation of stock of service material

Preventive Service

  • We take care of your machine: we contact you when the next service is due
  • Tailored services schedules according to your demand
  • Follow your machine status via Contdition Monitoring
  • With My.Cat.Com (MCC*) you can better plan all future maintenance work


* My.Cat.Com (MCC) gives you all your tech data in one place that you can access in one login, so you can easily access important information about your fleet and make smart decisions about your equipment wherever you are. and business.

Contact your local Avesco Cat salesman for more information.

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