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Maintenance that is easy to do is maintenance that gets done. All standard maintenance points are easily accessed from ground level to get you up and running faster. And for those hard-to-reach repair areas, we’ve got a solution for that too.

*Up to 15% for 1-2 tons • Up to 10% for 7-10 tons

They may be mini, but they are powerful. The new lineup offers industry-leading performance right where you need it, which allows you to do more with a mini excavator than you thought possible.

Think all mini excavators are the same? The next generation of Cat mini excavators will introduce brand new, value-driven features that will help you accomplish more every day. But we didn’t stop there.

Do you have a minute?

We want to tell you more about new Cat products and Avesco!

We have sent you a newsletter and will call you in the coming days. When you make an appointment with our salesman you will receive a € 120 gift card voucher to buy Cat products as an appreciation of your time.



Cat voucher

After the meeting, you will receive a € 120 gift card as a gift, with which you can buy Cat products from the "The Leagues" online store. The Leagues is a licensed online store that sells Cat products, with a selection of hundreds of Cat products: clothing, shoes, promotional gifts, model toys, and much more.

Here you can check out The Leagues' selection. NOTE! Product availability may differ from the PDF brochure!

How can I order products?

We will send the gift card code to your email within 1 week of the appointment. After receiving the code, you can order the products yourself from the Leagues online store at The gift card code serves as a login to the online store. There are no shipping costs for the order.

The gift card is valid until July 15, 2021!



Over 50 years of sound and design expertise has been distilled into each and every Marshall speaker, bringing that big stage presence home for your listening enjoyment. Kilburn is the most powerful compact speaker from Marshall. It’s the perfect size to bring music to your home’s smallest spaces.

Grab one of our Cat mini excavators and you will get this Marshall Kilburn for free (while stocks last)!*

* Alternative gift: 2 standing room tickets for the Büetzer Buebe concert on August 20, 2021 in Zurich (while stocks last).

Campaign Terms and Conditions

The campaign period is April 15-June 15, 2021.

The gift card is valid until July 15, 2021.

The gift card will be sent to the customer within 1 week of the appointment.

The customer orders the products independently from the Leagues online store

One gift card per customer / company.

The gift card can only be used at The Leagues store.

The gift card cannot be exchanged for any other benefit.

If the order amount exceeds the value of the gift card, the customer must pay the difference himself.

The campaign is targeted at customers selected by Avesco Oy. The campaign does not apply to other customers.

Avesco Oy is responsible for distributing gift cards to customers. Avesco is not responsible for any events, returns or complaints between the customer and Leagues.

The participant is responsible for any tax consequences related to the prize.