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Optimum value of performance, operator experience, serviceability and affordability


4 Industry First Features
Cat Exclusives
in a Mini Excavator
Up to 10% Lower
Total Ownership Costs

with improved fuel efficiency
and longer service intervals
Up to 20%
More Performance

with customizable operator settings
and improvements in lift, swing, travel and multifunction

Helppo ja huoleton leasing.

Kone käyttöön ilman käsirahaa, maksat vain kuukausierän.


Tajoamme uusille Cat® 308, Cat® 315 ja Cat® 325 -kaivukoneille mahtavan Cat Financial leasingtarjouksen. Voit valita itsellesi parhaiten sopivan tarjouksen 12–36 kk ajalle.

Esim. Cat® 315 alle 3000 € /kk ilman käsirahaa, kun sopimuskausi on 36 kk / 4400 h.

Kysy lisää omalta Avesco Cat konemyyjältäsi esim. sivustomme chat -toiminnon kautta niin laadimme sinulle räätälöidyn tarjouksen. Kampanja voimassa 31.12.2024 asti.

Tarjottu hinta sisältää EPP Premier jatkoturvan sopimuskaudelle. Hinta ei sisällä huoltoja. Rahoitus edellyttää erillisen hyväksytyn luottopäätöksen. Avesco Oy vastaa koneen jäännösarvosta sopimuksen päättyessä. Cat Financial rahoituksen myöntää Nordea rahoitus Suomi Oy. Tarjousta ei voi yhdistää muihin Avesco Oy:n kampanjoihin.

Cat 308 fixed boom

The Cat 308 excavator combines excellent performance and fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, comfort and control of the machine, e.g. thanks to the automatic air conditioning and pressurized roomy cab and Next Gen features:

  • Stick steer joystick control
  • Speed ​​& response adjustments
  • BT radio
  • Flow controls & work equipment modes
  • Flotation of the dozer blade
  • Low consumption & high performance
  • A stable machine combined with a short overhang


­Cat 308 

Engine Power (ISO 14396):
55,4 kW (74,3 PH)

Transportation weight:
8400 kg

Maximum hydraulic pump capacity
167 l/min

Hydraulic system pressure
285 bar

Bucket break out force:
62 kN

Stick lifting force
35,7 kN

Digging depth
4643 mm

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­Cat 308 FB

Engine Power (ISO 14396):
55,4 kW (74,3 PH)

Transportation weight:
8025 kg

Maximum hydraulic pump capacity
167 l/min

Hydraulic system pressure
285 bar

Bucket break out force:
58,9 kN

Stick lifting force
36,7 kN

Digging depth
4643 mm

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Cat 310

Engine Power (ISO 14396)
55,4 kW (74,3 HP)

Transportation weight
10182 kg

Maximum hydraulic pump capacity
233 l/min

Hydraulic system pressure
285 bar

Bucket break out force
77,7 kN

Stick lifting force
49,2 kN

Digging depth
5211 mm

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A compact excavator with a good reach

Viher-Pirkka Oy, which provides versatile and professional services in the field of green construction in the capital region, was one of the first customers in Finland to use the latest Next Generation Cat 308 mini excavator to accompany its predecessor last year. We visited the site of Viher-Pirkka Oy in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, to get to know the technology of the Cat 308, and at the same time we heard the experiences of the green construction professionals about using the machine. (Text is in finnish)


Unique Features

Unique Seat mounted Joystick Controls:

  • By pushing one button You can transfer machine steering control from flour mounted levers to seat mounted left joystick.  
  • By selecting dozing seting Yoy can steer machine with left joystick, and control dozer with right joystick.
  • You can use setting to control Boom, Stick and even bucket with right joystick and steer machine with left one. 
  • Also by pushing one button You can activate Cruise control function. It allows You to concentrate on such work tools like Flail mover or mulcher control.

Multifunctional Operator Display:

In multifunction display You will find information about machine working parameter, time left until next maintenance. You will be able to change machine settings, control radio. It will help You to bette adjust machine for different type of jobs or working aplications. Each operator will be able to customize the machine to their own needs. As a result You will get better productivity and efficiency. You can navigate the display menu with both the buttons on the screen and the tumbler on the right console.   
You can also connect your phone to the machine via the Bluetooth interface and listen to your favorite shows and use the hands free option for calls.


Hydraulic system control modes:

With the help of the multifunction display you can change the following operating parameters of machine hydraulic system:

  • You can choose the operating speed of the hydraulic system from gentle, for high-precision work, to aggressive, for maximum performance.
  • You can select the sensitivity of the control joysticks, which determines how quickly the hydraulic components respond to the movement of the joystick.
  • Both settings can be changed not only for the boom, stick and bucket in general, but also for each tool individually, so each operator will be able to adjust the machine settings to their own needs and priorities.

Dozer Blade:

The option of the "floating" dozer blade will make it easier and more convenient to clean the workplace or displace the excavated soil.


All the outer parts of the housing are made of steel and are of the simplest possible construction, so if they are damaged, those elements can be easy repaired and new components will cost less in the event of major damage.


The cab is designed as a separate module, so it is completely enclosed in construction. For this reason, there is more pressure inside the cab than outside when the machine is running. There is less dust inside the machine, the sound level in the cab is lower and the ventilation system works efficiently. All this gives the operator better working conditions and has a positive effect on productivity.