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Safety tips for machine operators


Safety is a key part of every working day, whether you're a newcomer or an experienced operator. So that we can all go home with a smile on our faces, here are some tips from our trainers to keep in mind, especially now that the weather is wet and snowy and work is often done in the dark.

First and always - protective equipment:

Whether it's a long day on site or just a quick glance around the cab, make sure you always wear the necessary personal protective equipment. 

Keep slipperiness under control:

There's a lot going on around the machine. Keep snow outside the cab, a clean cab is less likely to collect moisture. Safety starts with clean shoe soles: keep your shoes clean and slip-free, not forgetting the machine steps and ladders to avoid snow and ice accumulation!

Get on the machine safely:

Three points of contact on entering and leaving the cockpit - this rule is worth its weight in gold. And don't forget your seat belt. Make safety a habit. 

Visibility, visibility, visibility:

Mirrors, lights and reversing camera are a driver's best friend. Keep them clean and in working order - good visibility is the basis for safe working. Remember to check your own visibility on site. 

Stay alert and in a comfortable driving position:

Be aware of your surroundings to be aware of other road users and to avoid slips and other hazards. And when operating the machine, take a comfortable driving position - tiredness away and seat belt fastened.

Cleanliness of the working environment:

Cleanliness is part of safety. Avoid debris accumulating in the machine - keep your environment tidy and risks to a minimum. This will ensure that accumulated dust and dirt do not impair breathing air, accumulate frost on surfaces or cause objects to fly in a sudden stop. Keeping the windscreen and wipers clean not only improves visibility, but also prevents scratches on the glass caused by dirt. 

Preventive maintenance:

Check your machine daily to make sure there are no unwanted surprises. Preventive maintenance is the key to smooth operation and anticipating unexpected costs. 


Every operator can contribute to the safety of the working environment through his or her own choices. Care and prevention are key - so let's look after ourselves and each other every day!

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